This project is a campaign for Saudi teenage girls between 13-15 years old. The main goal of it is to encourage teenagers to spend less time on their devices whatever they were (IPad, IPhone, Blackberry or any tablet).
The concept came from the word STUCK which define the person who gets addicted to these devices. The slogan (Go offline, explore the world) was mainly to tell that you are missing a lot by spending more than 5 hours a day on a device.
The Campain idea and visuals are based on a research and a questionnaire was given to a group of 40 teenagers. 
working with type in this project was challenging, I wanted something funky yet clear with a strong message. Arabic was chosen to suit the audience but yet the word "offline" was written in English to match the mobile language. 

All the visuals were illustrated digitally. 
Logo and slogan 
Billboard -Digital illustration 
Poster- digital illustration 
Avatar picture 1
Avatar picture 2
Mobile cover 
Mobile cover 
Brochure cards- each one has a visual on one side and a group of suggestions on the other side. For example insted of beign online you can play with your friends (visual), and i wrote some games that could be played without the needing of devices (suggestions). 
I also designed mobile backgrounds as part of this campaign. 
This type of shirts was particulary selected to suit the teenagers now a day trends 
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